About Saddle River Valley Club

The Club History

T he Saddle River Valley Club was established in 1938 during a looming economic depression. At the time, Saddle River was considered to be a remote and distant town away from any major development and job market. The town was rural by nature with small farmhouses and rutted dirt roads covered in deep snow during the long winter months. This was a lonely and dreary time for many town residents and socializing was nearly impossible.

A popular and well respected man named “Unc” Schuler, who is still revered today by many older residents, realized the need for a social club that would foster friendship and afford social activities for its members. Unc assembled a group of forty-six town residents who decided to bond together and create the Saddle River Valley Club.

Before long, “The Shadow” newsletter was born with Jack Kenyon as editor, informing the membership about treasure hunts, square dances, potluck dinners, lectures, Christmas caroling, dance classes and a myriad of other social events. The cost of these functions was approximately $2 per person, which covered food, beverage and often live music.

Traditionally at Christmas time, the Club hosted an open house event for the Saddle River residents. Each family in town would receive a formal invitation to the beautifully decorated municipal building where the Club provided festive food and refreshments. Young daughters of the Club members considered it an honor to be chosen as junior hostesses and to this day, this affair is the highlight of the Christmas season in town.

During World War II, Club members supported the war effort by collecting scrap metal, selling war bonds, conducting fund drives and even encouraged rationing. The Club also sponsored Boy and Girl Scout troops and collected toys for children.

Over the next several decades, the Club has become home for many notable individuals and families who have enjoyed the bond of common good and friendship. Today its membership has grown significantly and social activities have extended to elegant cocktail and dinner parties at local restaurants, members’ homes and the Bishop House in town square. The Club success is owed to its members and their genuine kindness and care for one another.

For any questions or membership please send us a note. E-mail: support@saddlerivervalleyclub.com